Change The World With Just US $ 0.50

ShareTheMeal is a smartphone app that enables users to “share their meal” with hungry children – with just a tap. They are an initiative of the World Food Programme, a humanitarian agency of the United Nations.

Each year, WFP reaches more than 86 million people with food assistance in around 83 countries.

Donations from the ShareTheMeal app support various WFP operations ranging from resilience building and school feeding programmes to providing food assistance in emergencies. Since launching the app in 2015, we have helped provide aid to some of the largest food crises in the world including Yemen, Syria and Nigeria.



Assisting almost 100 million people in around 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization

Back in 2008 when the first 500 mobile apps were released on the brand new Apple App Store no one imagined we´d end up having an app for pretty much anything. Cooking, entertainment, dating, you name it, it´s available. Some apps are free, some cost money, others push you to watch ads and others simply fish for personal informations. We use apps the same way we use our hands and feet. A whole industry has emerged since the creation of the first mobile app. Apple reported that its App Store had total sales maxing out at $50 billion in 2019. But not all apps are about generating revenue or getting us to pay for things we probably don´t evern want. 

Sebastian Stricker and Bernhard Kowatsch founded ShareTheMeal in April 2014 in Berlin during a sabbatical. The starting point for the app was the reduced cost of feeding one child for a day. Stricker and Kowatsch believed more people would be willing to help if there was a simple and straightforward way of doing so. ShareTheMeal enables people to “share their meals” with children in need. Users can give US$ 0.50 (or more) with a tap in the smartphone app, feeding one hungry child for a day. The United Nations World Food Programme receives the funds and provides the meals and in the app they show users where their meals will go. 

It costs US$ 0.50 for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to feed one child for a day. This is the global average cost, which may vary depending on the region and situation. If actual costs are lower than US$ 0.50 per child and day, the funds are, of course, used to feed additional children. Food assistance in developing countries is usually significantly less expensive than in high-income countries. The food assistance provided by the World Food Programme depends on the situation.

Cash transfers or vouchers are used to tackle hunger in situations where there is plenty of food in the marketplace but where poor people cannot afford to buy it.

In emergencies, WFP often distributes food rations containing staple foods such as rice, bulgur wheat, pasta, lentils, canned food, sugar, salt, cooking oil and wheat flour. Children, who are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition, may receive highly nutritious foods, such as fortified biscuits or other foods that do not require cooking.

In more stable situations, WFP often provides school meals. Children are provided with breakfast, lunch or both while in school and may additionally receive take-home rations. For many of the children, these are the only or most nutritious meals they will have all day.



ShareTheMeal show clearly all the progress they make and where meals are distributed



Payments reach children in need as efficiently and effectively as possible. It costs US$ 0.50 to feed one child for a day. This includes all costs related to feeding the children: foods, transport and preparation of meals, regular monitoring as well as all other relevant costs.



One in nine people do not get enough food to lead an active and healthy life. In fact, hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Food assistance enables individuals and communities to provide for themselves in the future.

Get started and invest in a world without hunger.

Join The Table on ShareTheMeal, a monthly giving community. You become virtually connected with a unique family each month and learn the impact of your shared meals through personalised updates and exclusive stories.

Using SCOPE, WFP’s beneficiary management tool, members are paired with a unique family each month via real-time data. Monthly donors will directly support families with cash assistance, so that they can purchase the food that best suits their family’s needs.

When you join The Table, your monthly donation will help Rohingya refugee families in Bangladesh, and families in Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan and Syria. 


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