Free Buddhist Books You Can Order Online

The Buddha Educational Foundation are a Buddhist foundation based in Taipei, Taiwan, and it is their goal to promote the Buddha Dharma and to make the teachings freely available to the general public. They do not favour any one school or sect over another.



Many Buddhist enthusiasts find it difficult at the beginning to get printed materials on Buddhism since in contrast with Christianity for example, Buddhism doesn’t have one main book or Bible that everyone owns. Many are confused by the different schools or sects of Buddhism and have no idea where to start their search on what being a Buddhist really means.

The Buddha Educational Foundation offer a great set of printed resources that anyone can order at no cost from their website by simply filling in a form. Generally customs taxes are handled by the person ordering the books but if the order is for a small batch of books the fee should be very low. The website sometimes gets saturated with orders and the delivery process can take up to four months, but we think it’s totally worth the wait.

If you’re interested in ordering dharma materials click on the button above to be taken to the Buddha Educational Foundation’s website. The right button will take you to the book catalog where you can choose the books you’d like to order. You need to note down the title and book number in order to fill in the order form later on.