Give up smoking with style

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This is going to look like blatant paid advertising but let us assure you it is not. Mainly because at this very moment Blipsy has got 3 articles up and no affiliations and we’ve been in business for 2 days.

Thinking about the very first article to add in the Lifestyle section of Blipsy we immediately though of Citizen

If you’ve never heard of them, Citizen are a company selling electronic cigarettes and cigars. And boy oh boy do they do it with style!

In the About Us section of their website you can find this statement”

At Citizen e-Cig, our biggest goal is to eliminate the numerous toxins and chemicals associated with traditional tobacco. Our team has decades of combined experience working in the biomedical and disease industries, and is fully committed to presenting smokers with less harmful alternatives. Backed by medical research and technology, our products aim to provide a familiar experience for smokers, and one that can be guilt-free too.We are dedicated to empowering smokers to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars, and have therefore created products with the focus on our customers. We value community and feedback, and encourage you to share your experience with us.

The use of the word EMPOWER here is more than adequate considering many e-cig companies create products that don’t make customers feel like they’re switching from a bad habit to something better while maintaining a sense of familiarity but instead they make them feel like they’re taking on a brand new habit. Glass little tubes, strange looking and colorful don’t feel and don’t look like the cigarettes we know and some of us have been smoking for years. Not to mention the flavors …. When was the last time you smoked a coconut flavored cigarette? Exactly

At Citizen the products they deliver are no less than stunning. Polished designs and aspect, award-winning flavor and less chemicals you are probably willing to accept you can find in an e-cig.

Monica Ord, founder of Citizen
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Monica Ord is the brain behind Citizen. With a career in biomedical research to attest to her qualification, Monica aimed at creating a product that would mimic the feel and touch of real cigarettes so as to help smokers make a smooth transition from smell, ash and smoke to a 4 ingredient product that tastes just as great as your favorite cigarette but doesn’t kill you – to be brutally honest.

Citizen offers a variety of products such as e-cigs

ecigin 3 different flavors: Rebel Red, Georgia Peach and Menthol Ice containing either 18MG of Nicotine or Nicotine free. These go for $18.95 and you can get a subscription and refills.

They also sell e-cigars that come in a tube or you can purchase a box if you REALLY like them, which you will. The cigars come in 4 different flavors: Cuban, Chocolate, Vanilla and Peach and can be Nicotine free or you can choose 18MG or 24MG cigars.


Just so you get an idea, one of these e-cigars from Citizen equals 8 to 10 traditional cigars or roughly 1000 puffs of a normal cigarette. Let me tell you… that’s a whole lot of puffs if you consider a normal cigarette is around 10 puffs.

The cigars feel great in your hand, look great, the tip lights up a nice ashy red and the taste is pretty incredible. When your cigar battery runs out the tip of it will start to blink. What’s even better is Citizen is offering you the opportunity to help recycle once you’re cigar is all drained out. The cigars go for $28.99


We’ve all considered giving up smoking more than once but it’s just too hard to be honest. You’re used to picking up a cigarette when you’re having your coffee or when you’re angry or stressed or out with friends and a piece of gum or a patch just won’t do the trick. Citizen is aiming to help you overcome all those problems and live a life that’s smoke free, ash free and tobacco free.

You can visit the Citizen website for orders and more information and you can follow Citizen on Twitter. We’ve tried them and we love them!

As they say on their website:

 ‘Even the most revered traditions need reinvention from time to time

If you decide to pick up a Citizen product drop us a comment and let us know your experience!

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